Osupurē Karate



Daniel Island & Clements Ferry



KEEL (Karate Enhanced E-Learning) is the perfect solution for the working parent during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Simply put, we are forming small educational pods of 10 students maximum, who will attend their e-learning day at Osupurē Karate. Our staff will help your student navigate their school day and make sure they are remaining on task. When the BCSD school day is done, the students will engage in karate instruction and other enrichment activities.

KEEL will offer you a safe, controlled and engaging atmosphere for your student. 


Keep your child on an even KEEL during the Pandemic


Daniel Island Location 

Suite A: 2nd and 3rd Grade (10 Student Maximum)

Suite B: 4th through 7th Grade (10 Students Maximum


Clements Ferry Location

2nd through 7th Grade (10 Students Maximum)


Commitment to Entire Fall Semester Required

I think it is so awesome what y'all are doing. 

I believe this was the best choice, to send our kids to your dojo.

You have been doing everything you can to keep the kiddos safe in this hard time

- Kelly N. (KEEL Student Mom)

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